Top Reasons to Work With RGL Real Estate to Sell Miami Luxury Properties

September 16, 2022

Miami, the United States – /RGL Real Estate, LLC/

Selling a luxury property in Florida can be an exciting and high-stakes process. It can also be complicated. When it is time to sell a luxury property in Miami, it is important to work with an expert such as Nick Robinson, Miami real estate agent and founder of RGL Real Estate to ensure a stress-free process that gets top dollar for the property. 

Selling a luxury property is different from selling a typical property and requires the expertise of someone who specializes in exclusive properties. Here are the top reasons why it is important to work with Miami’s best luxury real estate agent.

An Experienced Agent Knows the Right Buyers

Buyers looking for distinctive properties work with the most experienced agents in the area. This means that these agents will have a valuable list of prospects looking to buy homes in specific areas and having specific features. This can help get multiple offers quickly. Finding ready buyers for the high-end market can be very difficult for inexperienced agents. 

They Have Reliable Connections

Trusted agents have a network of reliable connections with other areas’ top agents. This helps in getting the right information to the right buyers. 

Top Agents Are Experts in Marketing

From PPC marketing, professional pictures, videos, and social media funnel campaigns to agent and private showings, top agents know what it takes to get a home sold quickly.  

Luxury Realtors Understand the Properties 

A luxury real estate agent understands all of the finer details and selling points of a property, from high-end finishes to local amenities. Their knowledge allows them to highlight features to buyers seeking these features. 

Expert Real Estate Agents in Miami Price the Home Correctly

Miami real estate agent with experience in selling luxury homes performs a comparative market analysis with other ultra-luxury homes and factors in all of the unique amenities of your home. This will help determine the price that will attract the ideal luxury home buyers. 

Luxury Agents Offer Professional Services

Selling a home may require the help of many different professionals, such as staging experts. An expert agent either offers these additional services or has a close relationship with trusted providers. 

The Agent Can Help You Sell and Buy at the Same Time

Because of their knowledge of the area and the market, the agents can help you sell a luxury home, and buy another at the same time in one seamless process. They can also help with securing short-term rentals if the next home is not yet ready. 

A Top Agent Upholds the Highest Standards

When selling a luxury property, there is no room for mistakes. A luxury real estate agent stays immersed in the real estate processes, transactions, and laws surrounding real estate. This includes factors such as international buyers. Realtors specializing in luxury properties always agree to uphold the highest industry standards. 

Luxury Real Estate Agents Have a Commitment to Confidentiality

Luxury real estate agents understand the importance of maintaining complete confidentiality for both buyers and sellers. Both buyers and sellers value discretion and privacy and expert agents will protect that before and after a sale. 

About RGL Real Estate Group

Founded and managed by South Florida residential real estate expert Nick Robinson, RGL Real Estate is an innovative, market-savvy, and top-producing boutique agency serving domestic and international clients. The industry-leading listing agent provides uncompromisingly superior customer service and unmatchable access to qualified buyers and sellers. 

If you are looking for a Miami real estate agent that specializes in serving the needs and interests of the luxury home buyer or seller, consider contacting Nick Robinson and RGL Real Estate. You can visit the website at or reach the group by phone at (305) 504-4235 

RGL Real Estate, LLC

1395 Brickell Ave., Ste 925

Miami, Florida, 33131

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