Miami Luxury Real Estate Agent Shares Tips for Moving With Small Children

November 21, 2022

Miami, United States – /RGL Real Estate, LLC

Once you have found the perfect South Florida Luxury home, the monumental task of moving begins. “While as an adult it is an exciting—and exhausting— task, for children and teens it can be a time of fear and anxiety,” shares the founder of RGL Real Estate and luxury property expert Nick Robinson.

Even the perfect home with a big backyard, friendly neighbors, excellent schools, and nearby playgrounds may not sound ideal to children worried about settling into a new environment and dealing with the many unknowns. Along with a lot of patience and understanding, here are some important tips for helping kids navigate the moving process. 

Talk About the Move Before Hand

Talk about moving before the process begins. Depending on the age of the children, try introducing the idea through books such as My Very Exciting Sorta Scary Big Move, a workbook for ages 5-7, written by Lori Attanasio, Ph.D. Another great book to help start a positive conversation is The List of things that Will Not Change by Rebecca Stead.

Involve Them In the Process

A great way to lessen the anxiety is to involve the kids in the process. Have the Miami real estate agent ask for their opinion where appropriate by asking questions such as “Bryan, what kind of things are you looking for in a home?” or “Emma, is it important to have a park in your new neighborhood?” The agent can remind the children of the things they liked during the process. The agent can also do things such as print “official” paperwork for the kids to sign when you find the ideal property to help them feel as if they are an important part of the whole moving process.

Give Them A Job to Do 

Give each child a kid-friendly camera and ask them to take pictures of each property and the features they like most. This strategy provides a window into their likes, helps get them excited about the possibilities, and provides a feeling of control over the process. 

Visit Local Attractions

Ask the Miami real estate agent about area family-friendly activities. As experts in the area, they can recommend activities to help reluctant or anxious kids get excited about their new community by visiting some of the family attractions, such as the Miami Seaquarium or the Tidal Cove Waterpark. 

Get Involved Before the Move

If the move is local enough, get involved in the local community as soon as possible. Join local playgroups, the YMCA, or a community of faith. Try spending time at the nearest playgrounds where the children are most likely to meet kids attending the same local school. All of these provide a way to get to know kids in the community, jumpstart friendships, and help them know that they have friends waiting for them at the new home. 

Carry, Don’t Pack Comfort Items

Pack up non-essential items first and involve the kids in the process. Have a special box to put all the most special items in, and allow the child to carry comfort items such as a special blanket or stuffed animal during the moving process. 

Get to Know the Teachers Before The First Day of School

Moving to a new school is one of the things that produce the most anxiety for kids. Allow the student to meet their teacher before their first day of school and find out if it is possible to facilitate a fun activity, such as an art project, to help ease into the first day with less stress. 

Children are resilient and highly adaptable, but that doesn’t mean moving will be easy for them. However, implementing a few fun tips can lessen the anxiety and make a move a positive experience.

About RGL Real Estate

The RGL Real Estate was founded and is managed by South Florida residential real estate expert Nick Robinson. Specializing in local, domestic, and international clients buying and selling luxury homes from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Nick utilizes his prior experience in residential development and construction, US DoD contracting, and international business across many continents. 

For more information, visit the website at or reach the group by phone at (305) 504-4235 

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