RGL Real Estate Discusses the Top Health And Wellness Trends Buyers Seek

August 27, 2022

Miami, The United States – /RGL Real Estate, LLC/

Wellness is one of the fastest-growing industries globally today. It is understandable then that this emphasis would play a huge role in luxury real estate, says Nick Robinson, Miami real estate agent and founder of RGL Real Estate. The desirability of wellness-related amenities has increased so much that luxury homes that are specifically focused on healthful living or have wellness amenities sell for 10 percent to 25 percent more than traditional luxury properties. 

Luxury homes offer ultra-chic design, premium materials, prime locations, stunning views, and of course, hotel-caliber amenities— and health and wellness features are among the amenities playing a starring role. 

Top Wellness Amenities in Luxury Properties

What amenities make the list of most sought-after South Florida property buyers? Here are just a few of the features top-tier buyers seek.

Yoga or Pilates Studios

Whether a dedicated room, rooftop, or spacious deck, having a calm and spacious area to cultivate the craft is highly desirable. 

Meditation Room

In today’s fast-paced and tech-driven world, a meditation room is a must-have luxury amenity. Meditation rooms are quiet, serene spaces designed to block out the world and allow for a time of contemplation and self-reflection. Some of these spaces utilize virtual reality technologies, tranquility fountains, plants, and white noise to enhance the meditation experience. 

Spa, Sauna, or Massage Rooms

Busy people need a way to escape the pressures of demanding jobs. Having a dedicated space for an on-call esthetician or masseuse allows residents to unwind without having to leave the comfort of home. 

Oxygen Chambers and Cryotherapy Booths

Popular with athletes, oxygen chambers, and cryotherapy booths are among the latest technologies used to promote health and longevity. Today, luxury buyers are looking to incorporate these technologies into their homes. 

Tranquility Gardens

Even with the natural beauty that South Florida offers, dedicated tranquility gardens are highly sought. These gardens can take many forms but all maximize a garden space to provide a tranquil escape that promotes relaxation and a positive mood.

Lap Pools

Pools are always a popular feature in luxury real estate but are especially sought by wellness-focused homebuyers. 

Dedicated Fitness Rooms

State-of-the-art fitness rooms are definitely in demand and among the features, buyers tell their Miami real estate agent they want most. Home gyms have always been popular, but post-pandemic, buyers value a home fitness center even more. 

Green Materials and Features

The desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint has led to seeking homes that use sustainable materials, reduce energy consumption, have low VOCs, and support an eco-friendly lifestyle. This often includes natural cooling landscapes, the use of solar energy, LED lighting, and more.

Clean Living Features

Also high on the list of health-focused amenities are clean living features. This can include advanced water filtration systems and indoor air quality systems. 

Health-focused Kitchens

Kitchens that support healthy living are also of special interest to health and wellness buyers. Desirable features include large prep areas, steam ovens, indoor grills, outdoor kitchen spaces, and large commercial-grade refrigerators. 

South Florida’s natural beauty and vibrant lifestyle go hand in hand with a health-focused lifestyle so Realtors in Miami will continue to see buyers seeking these top amenities.

About Miami Luxury Realtor RGL Real Estate Group

Founded and managed by South Florida residential real estate expert Nick Robinson, RGL Real Estate is an innovative, market-savvy, and top-producing boutique agency serving domestic and international clients. The industry-leading listing agent provides uncompromisingly superior customer service and unmatchable access to qualified buyers and sellers. 

If you are looking for a Miami real estate agent that specializes in serving the needs and interests of the luxury home buyer or seller, consider contacting Nick Robinson and RGL Real Estate. You can visit the website at https://www.rglrealestate.com or reach the group by phone at (305) 504-4235 

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