Miami Luxury Realtor Nick Robinson Shares Technologies to Protect the Home and Assets

August 27, 2022

Miami, United States – /RGL Real Estate, LLC/

When potential buyers reach out to real estate agents in Miami, Florida, to help them find their dream home, smart home and security technologies are often at the top of the list of desired amenities. As an expert in Miami area luxury real estate, Nick Robinson of  RGL Real Estate explains how smart home automation and security technologies play a role in security, home management, and asset protection in luxury homes. 

For luxury homeowners in South Florida, home automation and security technologies are useful for much more than just increasing safety. Here are the ways these systems provide more control over a homeowner’s life and assets.

Security First

Naturally, the primary function of security technologies is to protect the home and the people in it. 

Things like access control, video surveillance, and intrusion alarms all work to keep home occupants safe from anyone intending to do harm and keep valuable items safe from theft or vandalism. Home automation also plays an important role in increasing security. Users can do things like creating “mockupancy” scenes that simulate human activity in the home even when it is empty. This is especially important for busy or seasonal residents. 

Knowing the home is resistant to crime and has technology in place to provide the highest levels of situational awareness is of utmost importance. The right combination of technologies can deter crime and allow the owner to see what is going on at various parts of the property in real-time. 

Enhanced Valued Asset Protection

Many luxury homeowners have assets that need special protection or special consideration. It is not just about keeping these assets safe from theft; it is also about protecting and preserving their value as well as taking steps to avoid problems that could impact value. 

Art, for example, may need to be kept in a climate-controlled environment. A car collection may need additional security with access control in place. Home offices that hold sensitive information may also need increased security. These are all problems that smart technologies can solve with solutions such as environmental monitoring or biometric access control. 

Improved Home Management

The more things the home can do for you, the more time in the day to attend to other responsibilities or relax. Today’s advanced home security and smart technologies provide homeowners with complete control over many home systems and a near infinite amount of enabled devices and appliances. With these in place, homeowners can decrease utility usage, remotely engage systems and appliances, lock and unlock doors for service providers, view activity around the home from anywhere, and more. 

Just a few of the smart technologies popular in luxury homes include:

  • Thermostats 
  • Locks
  • Lighting
  • Large appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Curtains/blinds
  • Televisions
  • Mirrors 

In addition to other features, smart technologies are a sophisticated upgrade that helps protect and manage luxury home assets. Beyond security, these systems enhance the home atmosphere, provide insights, and increase control over every facet of the home. 

About RGL Real Estate Group

Founded and managed by South Florida residential real estate expert Nick Robinson, RGL Real Estate is an innovative, market-savvy, and top-producing boutique agency serving domestic and international clients. The industry-leading listing agent provides uncompromisingly superior customer service and unmatchable access to qualified buyers and sellers. 

If you are looking for a Miami real estate agent that specializes in serving the needs and interests of the luxury home buyer or seller, consider contacting Nick Robinson and RGL Real Estate. You can visit the website at or reach the group by phone at (305) 504-4235 

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